Gander Education Program

 What is the Gander Education Program? 

The Gander Education Program started in 1999 by Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. James Marino.  While scrubbing in before a case he noticed the disorder and clutter above the sink and thought how nice it would be to organize the messy area.  He came up with the scrub sink organizers and envisioned a system that would also serve as a bulletin board offering interesting articles to read while he was essentially held captive at the scrub sink for 2-3 minutes before each case.  The Education Program was created with the "cereal box" concept in mind to give the surgeons and staff informative articles to read while scrubbing, along with other important internal announcements and bulletins.

How does the Gander Education Program work? 

As a member of the Gander Program your facility would receive a monthly subscription to up-to-date surgical reviews and educational articles, some of which are sponsored in order to keep the price of the scrub sink organizers low (see slide show below to see examples). Gander would only send material to be posted in 25% of the organizers display windows. The remaining 75% of the organizer display windows would be for your facilities use i.e. newsletters, bulletins, announcements, etc.

Who posts the Gander Education Program articles each month? 

Participation in posting the articles is minimal. Each month, a designated staff member of your facility would receive, in the mail, the articles, along with a one-page fax-back form to confirm the sponsored materials were received and posted in the Gander surgical organizers. As an added incentive, each month the designated staff member confirms the sponsored materials are posted by faxing in a verification form or emailing Gander that the articles were posted, a gift certificate for a local business in the amount of $5 per confirmation/verification received, will be sent to your facility (sent quarterly). Gander Reviews will also be sent as a source of additional education in the OR. Posting the Reviews are optional. If only Reviews were received in the packet, confirmation is not necessary.
For more information, please click below to download the Gander Educational Program Enrollment form